As the leading cause of death in Botswana, HIV/AIDS has a tremendous impact on the population and health workforce. With the number of people in need of antiretroviral therapy increasing, it remains difficult for the country’s health workers to meet the current challenges.

That's why we've been partnering with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, health professional councils, and other local partners to strengthen the country's ability to use data to make better health workforce decisions and ultimately meet the  health care needs of all of its citizens, and especially of orphans and vulnerable children. 

Selected Achievements

Helped Botswana's Ministry of Health better manage its health workforce by using IntraHealth’s open source iHRIS software to improve the tracking of health worker trainings, increase data quality, and support the annual budgeting process.
Worked with Botswana’s health professional councils to strengthen information systems that track health worker qualifications and to ensure routine data sharing among the councils and the government.
Collaborated with Botswana’s government and the University of Botswana’s Faculty of Health Sciences to develop strategies to strengthen health care leadership, attract and retain skilled health workers, and improve HIV/AIDS services.