For more than a decade, we've collaborated with the government, health workers, and other local stakeholders in Senegal to strengthen the country's health systems and bring high-quality, integrated health services to more communities than ever.

And together, we've made great progress. 

Child mortality and malaria-related deaths have dropped, access to family planning has risen, and the country has stabilized a low incidence of HIV. Today we're working hard to make sure these successes are just the beginning.

Key Results

pregnant woman icon Increased exclusive breastfeeding by 35%.
megaphone icon Trained 300+ religious and traditional leaders and 400+ youth ambassadors in family planning advocacy.
health worker Trained 2,900+ health workers in pharmaceutical stock management and pharmacovigilance.

Selected Achievements

Trained 297 local elected officials and members of 63 health development committees on their roles and responsibilities in health management in Senegal.
Trained 31 community representatives on advocacy and civic engagement in Senegal.
Helped develop operational plans for 85 communities and workplans for 6 health districts in medical regions in the Kolda and Sedhiou regions of Senegal.
Improved cardiovascular health outcomes in four districts in Dakar, Senegal.

By addressing hypertension from primary prevention at the community level to treatment at referral health centers, the links to treatment increased from 71% to 86% for cases diagnosed; the number of clients on treatment who have hypertension under control improved from 5% to 30%; and the net systolic change among hypertensive patients decreased by an average of 15,51 mmHg in 12 months.


Reduced contraceptive stockout rates to as low as 2% in Senegal using our Informed Push Model for supply chain management.
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