Community Health

At IntraHealth, we know the transformative power of community health workers (CHWs), volunteers, and advocates coming together to improve health outcomes in their countries.

In 2022 alone, our projects reached over 30,000 CHWs with support such as supervision, training, and mentoring, leveraging national digital health and eLearning platforms. This helps ensure that CHWs have the right knowledge, skills, and support to help people get the care they need.

Here’s how we deliver results: 

  • Revitalizing community health workforce management and learning, including digitizing CHW registries and pairing CHWs with nurse leaders for hands-on coaching 
  • Strengthening community-to-facility referral pathways, including training community outreach volunteers to counsel and link community members to health services 
  • Engaging communities to improve health care quality, including supporting grassroots advocacy committees to spur staffing and infrastructural improvements in facilities 
  • Leveraging behavioral science, including using interactive games and dialogues, to drive health service uptake.

Selected Achievements

Partnered with the Ministry of Health in Uganda to develop a digital CHW registry to inform recruitment, deployment, and training.
Engaged community outreach volunteers and peer navigators in South Sudan to ensure HIV treatment initiation rates remain above 95%.
Worked with the Ministry of Health and village leaders to establish the first community health posts in Burkina Faso, staffed with trained and motivated CHWs ready to deliver essential services and referrals.
Developed an interactive game for male partners of postpartum women in Uganda to learn about child spacing and contraception, resulting in a 61.5% increase in postpartum family planning uptake.