Through the USAID Leading Organizational Capacity and Localization Development (USAID LOCAL) Activity, IntraHealth is enabling local implementing partners to independently secure, manage, and monitor USAID programs to carry out Zambia’s development agenda and deliver results for the Zambian people.

Facilitated by Zambian experts, USAID LOCAL is providing local partners with the support they need for success in compliance with financial and operations best practices; resource mobilization; communications; monitoring, evaluation, and learning, and more.

The project builds on IntraHealth’s local capacity-strengthening work through the USAID Accelerating Support to Advanced Local Partners (ASAP) and ASAP II projects, including in Zambia, as well as our 24-year history in Zambia. Past work in the country has included partnering with the government and local stakeholders to increase access to high-quality HIV counseling and testing services; training community-based lay counselors to advise people living with HIV and improve adherence to treatment; and building the leadership, management, and technology skills of nurses to drive the transformation of primary health care. 

Selected Achievements

Provided HIV testing, counseling, and prevention services for over 400,000 people in Zambia via lay counselors; all clients that tested positive were referred for care and treatment.
Trained 300+ lay counselors in Zambia to advise clients living with HIV on adhering to their antiretroviral medication,  avoiding transmission or re-infection with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections, and the proper use of condoms.
Helped nurses in Zambia improve leadership, management, and technology skills
Partnered with the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University to pilot the Pratt Pouch in Zambia, a drug delivery system that enables women who deliver outside of health facilities to administer antiretroviral doses directly to their newborns.
Launched a training program in Zambia to build the leadership skills of nurses who have the power to transform primary health care in the country.
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