Gender Equality

IntraHealth International promotes gender equality in health care, including working to help more women rise to leadership positions in the health workforce. We know that gender-based discrimination and inequalities can undermine health care, derail education and careers, and prevent countries from achieving their development goals. That’s why we partner with health workers, clients, policy-makers, and local organizations to eliminate gender-based discrimination, gender-based violence, and gender-based barriers to the accessibility, use, and quality of health care.  

Our key approaches include:

  • Conducting institutional and programmatic gender analyses and planning
  • Promoting equal opportunity and treatment in the health workforce, training, and education systems
  • Affirming girls’ and women’s economic rights through policy changes, increasing access to economic resources, and more
  • Responding to gender-based violence in health care facilities and in clients’ lives.

Selected Achievements

Helped train 180 frontline health workers from 43 facilities in Tanzania’s Mara region to manage cases related to gender-based violence.
Built working relationships between police officers, teachers, social welfare workers, and frontline health workers to combat gender-based violence in Tanzania.
Worked with the state governments of Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in India to delay the age of marriage for girls. We raised the percentage of mothers surveyed who intended to consider their daughters’ consent when it came to marriage from 52% to 92%.
In Ethiopia, implemented our “Five Dimensional Model” for advocacy against female genital cutting, which was selected by USAID in 2007 as one of three best practices in eliminating this form of gender-based violence.
Developed gender-based violence case management protocols for health workers in Madagascar and corresponding training manuals and job aids and designed a referral system to ensure access to services for survivors of violence.
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