Digital Health

From mobile apps to management software to multilanguage interactive voice response, we offer health workers and managers the tools and technology they need to do their very best work. We develop solutions that are open source, data-driven, sustainable, and collaborative. And as a pioneer in the field of health workforce informatics, we’re committed to using technology, information, and analytical approaches to support the people at the center of our health systems.

Always, our digital health initiatives are rooted in the Principles for Digital Development.

Our key approaches include:

  • Fostering local capacity, ownership, and talent in health information technologies
  • Creating national health information ecosystems that use open and convergent standards and approaches to eliminate technology and data silos
  • Helping health officials make better, more informed decisions about health workforce policy, planning, training, regulation, and management
  • Enabling health workers to deliver better health services through effective mobile decision-support technologies, telemedicine, and related approaches
  • Providing health workers with access to digital learning by encouraging a blended learning methodology that combines face-to-face engagement with digital content, reminders, and tests
  • Broadening the reach of health workers through communication and coordination among peers, clients, managers, and experts around the world
  • Using existing software in new and creative ways
  • Leveraging the skills of others to reduce development time and cost


Digital Solutions

Key Results

iHRIS icon Over 1 million health worker records are in iHRIS, enabling 28 countries to use data to make better decisions.
mosquito icon We've introduced two new disease surveillance tools that can be used for early warning of fast-moving epidemics like Ebola.
mobile tech icon Over 1.9 million messages sent to or from health workers in 2020 via a digital health technology.

Digital Health Initiatives

Selected Achievements

Deployed iHRIS—our free, open source software for managing health workforce information—in 28 countries, resulting in huge cost savings and data for decision-making.
Launched Mobile Care Services Discovery (mCSD), a profile of the new FHIR global health care data interoperability standard, to simplify implementation of data flows between health data systems without sacrificing information integrity.
Developed mHero, a two-way, mobile phone-based communication tool that keeps health system leaders in touch with frontline health workers during emergencies and beyond.
Developed mSakhi, an award-winning mobile phone application and job aid that helps frontline health workers more effectively communicate with pregnant women and mothers, ensuring improved maternal, newborn, and child health services.
Installed IntraHealth's iHRIS Manage to help Tanzania's health leaders design and manage a comprehensive human resources strategy. For sustainability, we trained local staff to use the software and local partners to provide technical/management support.
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