In the late 20th century, Zimbabwe had one of the strongest health systems in sub-Saharan Africa. But after socio-political challenges devastated its economy, Zimbabwe’s health sector was on the brink of collapse in 2009. Infrastructure had deteriorated, supplies and commodities weren’t available, health workers had left due to the conditions and lack of pay, and the health of its population suffered.

Zimbabwe is recovering lost ground. Maternal and child mortality rates are decreasing and life expectancy is again on the rise, but much remains to be done as the health sector continues to rebuild. IntraHealth's work in Zimbabwe has focused on helping the country build a stronger foundation of social service and health workforce systems.

Selected Achievements

Established a health worker registry in Zimbabwe to provide a big-picture view of the health workforce across the health sector. The registry is based on IntraHealth's open source iHRIS and OpenInfoMan software platforms. 
Collaborated with government agencies, implementing partners, stakeholders, & service providers in Zimbabwe to assess the social service workforce and recommend strategies to increase access to high-quality child welfare, support, and protection services.