One in 25 women in Togo will die due to pregnancy-related causes. Unmet need for family planning remains high at 34%. And high-quality care for family planning and reproductive health remains difficult to come by.

That's why IntraHealth International works to train health workers in Togo and improve the quality of care they provide, including those related to family planning, maternal health, and postabortion care. 

Selected Activities

  • Used IntraHealth's Optimizing Performance and Quality approach to strengthen postabortion service delivery in Togo.
  • Disseminated key messages to health workers about family planning, fertility after abortion, health timing and spacing of pregnancy, and method eligibility criteria for postabortion care with a focus on long-acting contraceptive methods.
  • Designed integrated postabortion training and family planning modules to help health workers integrate family planning services and postabortion care into their duties.
  • Conducted a baseline survey at 97 public and private clinics to identify areas for improvement, and provided recommendations based on survey results from the POMEFA program.
  • Conducted two quality assurance audits to assess the quality of family planning services and made recommendations for improvement.