Family Planning & Reproductive Health

IntraHealth supports the fundamental human right of all people to plan the number, timing, and spacing of their children. We help countries provide high-quality family planning (FP) and reproductive health services by building the capacity of the health workforce and local leaders, strengthening health systems, and increasing demand for and access to services.

Key Results

injectable contraceptive 590,970 new contraceptive users in 2023
213,755 unintended pregnancies averted in 2023 due to contraceptives (estimated)
1,324,591 years of protection from unwanted pregnancies provided to couples in 2023 through contraceptives

Our key approaches:

  • Integrating FP with other services to increase access and improve health system efficiency

  • Catalyzing local leadership, organizations, and resources for sustainable FP programming that adapts high-impact practices to local contexts

  • Mobilizing partnerships, coalitions, and political will to advance and coordinate FP services

  • Addressing sociocultural and gender barriers to FP through social influencers and behavioral science

  • Engaging and reaching youth and other underserved populations

  • Improving clinical training, gender equity, and work environments to build a diverse, skilled FP workforce that provides respectful care.

Selected Achievements

Saw a 275% increase in postpartum FP use in facilities implementing a service integration model in 8 West African countries between 2019-2023.
Strengthened the capacity of district leaders, local partners, health workers, and communities to expand access to integrated services in eastern Uganda, resulting in a 79% increase in new users of FP from 2017-2023.
Supported cities in 5 West African countries to mobilize their own political will and more than $830,000 of their own resources for FP, adding over 380,000 FP users in the past 5 years.
Mentored almost 15,000 community health workers as part of Rwanda’s Community-Based Program on FP, contributing to a 64% increase in new FP users in supported districts between 2018-2022.
Partnered with 364 FP youth ambassadors from five West African countries by training them to serve as FP advocates to their peers and policymakers, including through social media, reaching more than 100,000 adolescents through youth-led campaigns.
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