Since 2006, we've partnered with the Namibian government and NGOs (including faith-based health organizations) to make HIV services for counseling, testing, prevention, care, and treatment more widely available to communities throughout Namibia.

We provide training, mentoring, and supportive supervision to help Namibia's health workers deliver high-quality, comprehensive health services. And together with our local partners, we strengthen institutions’ financial, human resources, and management systems.

Key Results

HIV red ribbon icon Over 139,000 individuals have received their HIV test results.
orange cross Over 36,600 adults and children have enrolled in antiretroviral therapy.
pregnant woman icon Over 10,600 HIV-positive pregnant women received antiretroviral therapy.

Selected Achievements

Raised the percentage of infants tested for HIV in Nyangana, Namibia, from 29.3% to 94.4%, using IntraHealth's tracking system.
Applied the WHO tool Workforce Indicators of Staffing Needs to Namibia’s public health sector, the resulting data from which are helping government officials make more evidence-based decisions around health sector staffing.
Used innovative recruiting techiques to help fill Namibia's shortage of nurses, including recruiting 40 previously retired nurses back into the workforce.
Enrolled over 36,600 adults and children Namibia in antiretroviral therapy, including over 10,600 HIV-positive pregnant women.
Reduced wait times at Onandjokwe Hospital from 9 hours to 1 hour by adding 42 new health workers to the region through our rapid hiring approach and decentralizing HIV care in the northern Namibian district.
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Photo at top by Morgana Wingard for IntraHealth International.