Maternal, Newborn, & Child Health

IntraHealth is a leader in developing and implementing effective new strategies that save women's and children's lives.

Our key approaches:

  • Improving the performance of health workers as they care for women and newborns, including by:
    • Integrating services
    • Strengthening basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care
    • Building health workers' skills in key interventions, such as active management of the third stage of labor
    • Improving referral systems
  • Building partnerships between health workers and communities to improve quality of care.
  • Using mobile phones, eLearning, and other technologies to improve maternal, newborn, and child health care.
  • Training health workers to recognize obstructed labor and prevent obstetric fistula.
  • Training health workers to recognize neonatal signs of distress and refer clients as necessary for immediate care and treatment.
  • Integrating prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission into all aspects of maternal, newborn, and child health care.
  • Training health workers in the treatment of major causes of illness and death of children under five, including malaria, acute respiratory infections, diarrheal disease, and malnutrition.
  • Advocating for and helping countries develop policies that enable frontline health workers to offer promotive, preventive, curative, and palliative primary health care.

Key Results

pregnant woman icon 295,238 pregnant women attended at least four antenatal care visits in 2020
mosquito icon 670,544 children under 5 treated for malaria in 2020
nurse icon 491,083 births made safer in 2020 through active management of the third stage of labor

Selected Achievements

Trained 61 district-based MNCH coaches and mentored more than 800 staff on high-impact MNCH interventions in Uganda
Successfully treated 1,000+ women suffering from obstetric fistula in Mali.
Improved the health of mothers and babies throughout rural India through technology and training for community-based midwives and accredited social health activists.
Provided fistula-related training for over 4,000 health workers and over 2,300 community volunteers in Ethiopia.
Collaborated with Ethiopia's Ministry of Health to develop guidelines such as the training package for basic emergency obstetric care, a roadmap for safe motherhood, and plans to scale up Option B+ and eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
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