Like many countries, Ghana is building up and strengthening its health workforce to offer its citizens the highest possible quality of care.

We helped Ghana implement an integrated program of health workforce strengthening activities.Through the CapacityPlus project and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, and other partners, these country-led efforts focused on improving health workforce policy and planning, education and performance, and human resources management. Previously, IntraHealth helped Ghana expand its Community-Based Health Planning and Services initiative and strengthen midwives’ counseling skills in adolescent reproductive health, and designed a self-paced learning approach for doctors, nurses, and midwives to enhance their safe motherhood, life-saving, and postabortion care skills.

Selected Achievements

Helped the Ghana Health Workforce Observatory finalize a five-year national human resources for health (HRH) policy and strategic plan, being used by the Ministry of Health.
Improved human resources management at the Christian Health Association of Ghana’s health facilities.
Worked with school leaders at Ghana's Garden City University College to strengthen management practices and data use. The school was able to attract applicants with higher qualifications and increased enrollment from 526 in 2013 to 850 in 2014.
Rolled out iHRIS, our open source software for managing health workforce information, in Ghana. More than 19,000 health worker records are captured in the system, which is being used to plan and adjust facility staffing levels to improve health services.