IntraHealth International Joins Global Communities as a New Subsidiary to Expand Health Services Worldwide

IntraHealth International and Global Communities today announced a combination that will enable the two organizations to multiply their collective impact and to better meet the changing needs of the countries they serve.

Through this combination, IntraHealth is now a subsidiary of Global Communities, integrating our health programming more deeply across the humanitarian and sustainable development sectors while remaining a steadfast, dependable partner to our donors and collaborators. IntraHealth retains its name, distinct identity, and guiding mission to improve the performance of health workers and strengthen the systems in which they work. We also maintain our 2030 roadmap toward locally led development and regional-based leadership of our programs.

"This combination will allow us to not only maintain the gains we've worked for over the past 44 years, but to expand upon them."

“I am so happy to share this news and very proud that IntraHealth is joining the Global Communities team,” says Maqsoda Maqsodi, IntraHealth’s president and CEO. "Today's development space requires us to take different approaches to maintain our impact on global health. We have to meet the world where the challenges are. I'm excited that this combination will allow us to not only maintain the gains we've worked for over the past 44 years, but to expand upon them. And I’m inspired to be working alongside Carrie Hessler-Radelet and the Global Communities leadership to do that. Together we'll be there at the forefront with our local partners, providing immediate aid during crises but also helping strengthen their countries’ health systems for the long haul.”

As part of the new combination, Maqsodi will remain CEO of IntraHealth while also serving as chief operating officer at Global Communities.

“We are thrilled to welcome IntraHealth to Global Communities,” says Carrie Hessler-Radelet, president and CEO. “This strategic combination will amplify our impact, enhancing our ability to swiftly adapt and expand multisectoral programming while strengthening our health initiatives. And I’m overjoyed to be working with Maqsoda Maqsodi, who’ll be bringing her operational expertise to Global Communities. As CEO of IntraHealth, Maqsoda moved quickly and resourcefully to grow IntraHealth’s presence and establish more sustainable, region-based leadership of its global health programs. Together, our vision is to build a new kind of hybrid organization, one that can seamlessly pivot its programming to better address community needs.”

This combination brings exciting potential for new growth in IntraHealth's key areas of expertise—such as health workforce, data science, and local capacity-strengthening—but also in new areas, such as humanitarian assistance, nutrition, and climate-related health challenges. IntraHealth’s programming and expertise will allow Global Communities to expand and further integrate its international health and humanitarian assistance efforts.

“Together, the potential collective impact of Global Communities and IntraHealth is immense,” Maqsodi says.

IntraHealth will continue to implement all our current projects through the end of their agreements, operate our US and country offices, and maintain existing systems and processes for current programs. IntraHealth’s donors and partners can continue to expect the same high level of quality and attention from us.

The combination agreement was unanimously approved by both organizations’ boards of directors. Full operational integration of the two entities is expected by October 2024. 

“We are incredibly grateful to our board of directors for their commitment to IntraHealth and dedication to our mission,” Maqsodi says. “Several of our board members have been with us for many years and helped steer us through great challenges. As some of them end their service as board members, we remain thankful for all they’ve done for us and for health workers and communities around the world.”

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About IntraHealth and Global Communities

IntraHealth International believes everyone everywhere should have the health care they need to thrive. For 44 years in over 100 countries, IntraHealth has partnered with governments and local organizations to improve the performance of health workers and strengthen the systems in which they work.

 Global Communities brings together local ingenuity and global insights to save lives, advance equity, and secure strong futures. Founded in 1952 as the Foundation for Cooperative Housing, today Global Communities envisions a world of expanded opportunity, where crises give way to resilience and all people thrive.

For press inquiries, please contact David Nelson, director of communications, IntraHealth and Jane Gotiangco, vice president of Strategic Communication, Global Communities.